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We love our town - there's so much to do and see and so much history to marvel at!


There has been a settlement on the River Lea since Saxon times. In 911 Edward the Elder son of Alfred the Great, founded two burghs on either side of the river. Following the Norman conquest a castle was established in Hertford and became the home of Kings and Queens.


Did you know

That in Cowbridge, on the road to Bengeo, is a blue plaque to the memory of Captain W E Johns, creator of the fictional hero Biggles? He lived here in Biggles House before moving less than a mile away in Molewood Road.


The gatehouse was rebuilt by Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I often stayed at the Castle; during the London plague years in the mid-1600’s Parliament was held there. The area around the Castle reflects this association for you approach Hertford Castle by car through Castle Street, having left Parliament Square and on the other side of Gascoyne Way is the aptly named Queens Road. Oliver Cromwell stayed at the Salisbury Arms Hotel in Fore Street before entering battle with Royalist forces in nearby fields.


Did you know

That the actor Rupert Grint comes from Hertford, went to school here and still lives near by?


In 1628, Hertford Castle passed into the Salisbury family who own it to this day but lease the grounds to East Herts District Council for the enjoyment of the people of Hertford.


Did you know

That the author Alex Scarrow was born here? He came to the Hertford Children’s Book Festival last year and is attending this year too!


In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Hertford became very prosperous because of the abundant fields of barley around the town. The town became a centre for the malting industry and grain was taken to London by barge along the River Lea.


Did you know

The heavy metal band, Deep Purple, were formed in Hertford in 1968?


Hertford is at the head of the river and you can still travel by river, cycle or foot all the way to London.


Did you know

Hartford, Connecticut was established by Samuel Stone who named it after Hertford? He lived in Fore Street and was baptized at All Saints church.